VIDEO: Drunk College Student Needs Rescuing By Firefighters After Getting Stuck In Dryer

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We’re all unraveling out there.

Quarantine has folks, old and young, losing their marbles and hitting the sauce with some added giddy up.

Case in point: Rosie Cole, 21, from Hull University (UK)

Rosie and her friends were downing bottles of Zinfandel and throwing back the tequila when she was dared to fit herself in the dryer.

She thought there was “no chance” she’d fit, but she did, and she got stuck, and that’s when the panic started.

“I was with my other housemates, and one of them dared me to get in it,” she told the school paper.

“Me thinking there was no chance I’d actually fit, decided to try it and to my surprise it seemed easier than I thought.”

She continued, “It wasn’t until I wiggled both my hips in and got my legs crossed behind me that I realized I couldn’t get out. I am a bit dramatic so I didn’t think it was that bad at first and my house mates were making me laugh.”

** panic **

“When I realized I couldn’t uncross my legs and my hips were stuck I got a bit worried. Especially when I tried to free myself the dryer tipped forward and I couldn’t get myself out.”

“My arms were starting to hurt trying to hold myself up, and it was pretty hot inside the dryer.”

“My housemates tried pulling me out, but they couldn’t, so we didn’t know what else to do other than to call the fire service.”

It took three firefighters about 20 minutes to save her.

“They save cats from trees so maybe they could save students from tumble dryers.”

The firefighters found the ordeal funny, and gave Rosie and her roommates a quick safety reminder before heading out.

I remember my first tequila shot…

Glad Rosie made it out – here it is.

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