Jim Carrey as Joe Biden & Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump Recreate The First Presidential Debate On ‘SNL’

This was our take after the first Presidential Debate…

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That was something. Goodnight.

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We know a lot of you felt the same. If we make it to round 2, there’s not enough alcohol in the world to prepare us.

It was a matter of time before SNL reenacted the debate, and they brought the big names this weekend.

Joe Biden was played by Jim Carrey and Donald Trump was played by Alec Baldwin – Beck Bennett took on the role of moderator Chris Wallace.

Visually, Carrey did some pretty spot on mannerisms of Joe and had the overall look down.

Check it out.

In other SNL news, Morgan Wallen is going to be the musical guest with the great Bill Burr hosting on October 10.

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