Drunk Hillbillies Trade Punches In The River, AKA The Funniest Redneck Fight You’ve Ever Seen

Down by the river on a Friday night…

No idea what’s going on here, or where this is even at, but I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder at two sauced up hillbillies trying to fight each other.

It starts off with a good ol’ fashioned man to man stare down and right when we’re not sure if they’re going to kiss or they’re going to fight, goatee looks at the camera and says “gonna be a good show, ain’t it,” and we’re off.

After a god-awful first punch, these two bozos take a tumble into the drink and the hilarity ensues. At one point, crew cut goes to pick up a rock, but thought better of it. A couple hard rights to the jaw oughta do just fine.

What can you say, the guy has the heart of a lion. The brains of a flea, but the heart of a lion.

At 1:41 though…


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