Texas Longhorns Fill Entire Section With Matthew McConaughey Cardboard Cutouts

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Hook ’em.

With Coronavirus still keeping stadium crowds to a minimum, if any fans at all, teams are looking for creative ways to achieve a semblance of normalcy on game day. One popular option… cardboard cutouts of fans.

And when it comes to Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium, in Austin, Texas, there ain’t nobody that would rather be there at kickoff than Matthew McConaughey. So much so that, that they have an entire section featuring cardboard cutouts of McConaughey from different roles across his entire filmography.

We got Ron Woodruff from Dallas Buyers Club, the legendary Mark Hanna from Wolf Of Wall Street, Tripp, Ben Barry, the Lincoln Lawyer, Mud, the iconic Dave Wooderson, and more.

All of which begs the other question… which is McConaughey’s best role?

Can I get a Rust Cohle anybody?

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non negotiable #hookem

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