Morgan Wallen’s Unreleased “Boots On The Ground” Is Still An Old Fan Favorite

So, when’s that double album dropping?

Morgan Wallen is currently enjoying one helluva year and it’s only getting better.

He recently announced that he would be performing on SNL with Bill Burr, and his new newest release “7 Summers,” is absolutely crushing it for him. And while he continues to fine tune the tracklist of his new album (which was supposed to be out this year), he’s been sharing a ton of new songs.

Between “Afterglow” and “Still Goes Down,” along with “Dangerous,” “Wasted On You” and “Wonderin’ About The Wind, among others, Morgan is cranking out more than enough songs to fill up that double album.

But what about another fan favorite, an older one that hasn’t made an album yet? I’m talking about “Boots On The Ground.”

Even after a few years, Morgan Wallen fans are still hoping this one makes the new album.

All in favor?

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A beer bottle on a dock