President Trump & The First Lady Test Positive For Coronavirus

Donald Trump and woman standing next to each other
Scott Olson/Getty Images

As if things weren’t crazy enough in this country right now…

The President and the First Lady have officially tested positive for Coronavirus.

He broke the news late last night on Twitter saying that they plan to begin their quarantine and recover process immediately and that “we will get through this together.”

Melania also added that they are “feeling good” and wished others to stay safe, while echoing the President’s message of getting through this together.

White House aid Hope Hicks, who has had close contact with President Trump, tested positive earlier in the day.

The White House doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, released the following statement regarding the status of their condition:

With President Trump being in his mid 70s and Melania being 50, there is a much higher risk for severe illness, although they appear to be in good health as of right now.

There is also still no word on Vice President Mike Pence’s condition, nor has Joe Biden commented on the situation. With the next debate scheduled for October 15th, a lot of things appear to be up in the air right now.

Stay tuned…

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