Deer Jumps In Front Of Cyclist Going 35 MPH For Brutal Head-On Collision

That’s going to leave a few marks.

A helmet cam from a cyclist FLYING through Harriman State Park in New York shows him colliding with a deer that jumped in front of him as he went 35 MPH through the wooded two lane road.

The rider shared the following:

“This was the start of a solo ride in New York’s beautiful Harriman State Park. Fall weather was ideal for a long 80 mile bike ride. I was 4 miles into the ride going down hill toward Bear Mountain climb. I was coasting downhill when the deer ran across the road. Reaction time was zero, I crashed into the deer at 35mph.”

Can’t confirm the deer was completely OK, but by the looks of it was able to run off (probably with some jacked up ribs).

“I pitched forwarded and landed on my buttocks, I must have rolled 5 times before dragging to a stop. Suffered some minor scrapes on my knuckles, knees and back. More serious bruises on my left buttocks, left ankle and foot. No head injuries or even scratches to my face. The Canyon CF SLX carbon bike broke in pieces. X-ray results later were 100% positive. I had to use a crutch for the first two days to relieve pressure on my left foot. I am 90% recovered after 4 days.”

When he says he had “zero” reaction time, he means it.

Brace yourself.

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