Beer Drinking Dads Too Busy Drinking Beer To Notice Baby Rolling Down Hill

A group of people on a field


C’mon, now.

What happened to those “dad reflexes” everyone talks about? Look, I’m a new dad. Have a 5-month-old at home. The superpower known as the “dad reflex” takes a little time to infiltrate its way into the body, I get it.

I also get the fact you need to drink beer and pretend life is the same after you have a baby. Same goes for mom, obviously.

But you gotta notice your baby rolling down a hill.

Not sure which of these guys is the dad of the rolling baby, but not one moves or processes what’s happening. What are we drinking here? 12% IPAs? You cross-eyed from a couple 6 too many?

Mom had to save the day before the baby ended up in a new zip code.

Here’s some proper dad reflexes in action.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock