Court Rules That Subway’s Bread Is Too Sugary To Legally Qualify As Bread

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First yoga mats and now this?

According to New York Post, Ireland’s Supreme Court has ruled that Subway bread is not legally bread due to the high content of sugar. The decision came after Subway attempted to earn a tax break for providing a staple food item to the public. For a company to be taxed zero percent, under the Value-Added Tax Act of 1972, the weight of sugar and fat in a bread product must not be more than 2 percent of the total weight of flour in the dough.

For Subway bread… that number is 10%. And it wasn’t just the white bread. All six of Subway’s bread options. Italian white, Italian herbs and cheese, wheat, hearty Italian, multi-seed, and honey oat, were all found to be too sugary.

Remember the whole yoga mat controversy from a few years back?

Basically a chemical that’s used in yoga mats was also found in the company’s bread products. Once the new broke, they removed it pretty quickly, but that didn’t stop a lot of folks from calling it quits on them all together.

And let’s be honest… if you’re to get a quick sandwich somewhere… you got Potbelly, Jersey Mike’s, Firehouse Subs, Jimmy John’s, Schlotzsky’s, the list goes on and on and one before you’re going to want to hit up a Subway.

Granted, in the small town that I grew up in it was LITERALLY the only place to eat other than Casey’s pizza (good shit by the way), but these days, unless I’m in a pinch, I ain’t touching it.

Hannah gets it…

How they got Belichick on board is a mystery to me.

Oh wait, money…

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