Florida Man Shoots At Car Through His Own Windshield During CRAZY Road Rage Incident

Florida, man.

Just when you think you’ve got ’em figured out, you see a story like this.

Marco Mazzetta, the man in the video below driving, is all over the news because of one of the craziest road rage incidents you’ll ever see. While driving on a highway in Orange County, FL, Marco was tailgated hard by a driver in a Nissan 370z – he ends up brake checking him, and getting bumped.

As the driver in the Nissan 370z speeds by, Marco says he pulled out a gun and pointed it at him and his buddy.

That’s when Marco opened fire on the car, THROUGH HIS OWN WINDSHIELD. Yes, read that again.

Keep in mind, there’s another dude in the car like “WTF IS HAPPENING.”


WESH reports that Marco said he feared for his life, and his friend’s.

“I’m not a fan of guns; I’m a fan of not getting shot. I know this video doesn’t capture my smartest moments but I hope any idiot criminal with a gun watching thinks twice before loading, brandishing and aiming their firearm at someone over a traffic infraction.”

He reported the incident to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office who have yet to charge anyone but are still investigating according to reports.

Marco is claiming self defense.

Watch this craziness – the dash cam caught it all.

Extensive footage.

News report.

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