Cody Johnson Delivers Rousing Performance Of The Hank Jr. Classic, “A Country Boy Can Survive”

Mat Hayward/Getty Images

CoJo is one of the real ones.

A real cowboy, a real bull rider, and a real country musician, Cody Johnson talks the talk and he walks the walk. During his livestream performance for Lewisville Western Days, which also featured performances from Kylie Frey, Charley Crockett, Roger Creager and more, Cody treated the fans to a rousing live performance of the Hank Williams Jr. classic, “A Country Boy Can Survive.”

And before he did, he told a little story about why he chose to cover Hank Jr. for what might have been the first time ever.

“I decided about 30 minutes before we went on stage that I was gonna play this. I don’t know that I’ve played this live before…

I was at home at my place, we got 50 acres, we’re we’re fixin’ to have about 100 acres. I was riding around my place and anybody know what a thermal is? A thermal is a scope that you can see at night, and in Texas you use it for hogs and anything else. I was rising around in my Ranger with my thermal on my AR and I was trying to find some hogs to eradicate, to help the state for anybody else out there watching that wants to make a fit about that.

And I had my .410 shotgun with buckshot, I had my Red Heeler on the Ranger and cooler full of beer. I didn’t find any hogs so I put shuffle on my playlist and this is what played. And I thought… I’m finally getting to live this song.”

Good shit.

Watch the full set here.

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