Brothers Osborne Release Trippy New “All Night” Music Video


The Brothers Osborne had some fun with their new “All Night” music video, and after last night’s debacle, we could all use a little fun.

Taking a page out of the old cosmic bowling playbook (is cosmic bowling still a thing?) the Bros donned neon colors underneath the black lights, accompanied by a neon skeleton band (see what they did there) and a team of neon skeleton dancers.

The new album is a little more than a week away and after the shit show this year has been, I have to say I’m desperately looking forward to it. Based on everything we’ve heard so far, including this one, the newly released title track“Hatin’ Somebody,” and my personal favorite, “I’m Not For Everyone,” we’re gonna be in for something special.

October 9th people, mark your calendars.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock