Two Grizzly Bears Do Battle Over Elk Carcass In Yellowstone River

I think I could spend hours and hours just watching footage of grizzlies in Yellowstone. Just absolutely majestic beasts.

Last week, we showed you a grizz taking down a bull elk in the Yellowstone River, in the Hayden Valley (Wyoming) area of Yellowstone National Park. With a front row seat to the action, we got a first hand look at how savage nature can be.

But after said grizz dragged his elk carcass back to shore, he had another job to do…. defend it.

A few days later, we now have this incredible footage, featuring two grizzlies going head to head over that very same elk carcass.

“Last weekend a large Grizzly took down a Bull Elk in Yellowstone River just South of Canyon Village and dragged it back to shore. There is an amazing video on YouTube capturing this event. I was able to film 2 Grizzlies fighting over the carcass early this morning. National Geographic, eat your heart out.”

Nature man… I love it.

Here’s some more footage from the original kill.

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