Luke Combs Previews Brand New Breakup Tune, “The Other Guy”

Hot off the press.

As promised, Luke has delivered an acoustic preview of the first new song from his upcoming deluxe album What You See Ain’t Always What You Get.

Written by Luke himself, along with Rob Williford, ‘The Other Guy” tells the story of a guy that runs into an old flame, and on the surface he appears to be doin’ great, but behind the scenes, he’s still carrying around that broken heart.

Here’s a little taste of the chorus:

“You should see the other guy that’s missin’ you
Late at night, he’s wishin’ you
Would come back home, girl he can’t move on
And his heart still takes a beating, just living with your leavin’
It might look like I’m doing alright
Yeah, it might look like I’m doing alright
But you should see the other guy.”

“The Other Guy” joins “My Kinda Folk” as one of the two brand new songs on the record. And of course there’s the immediate fan favorite “Forever After All” that we’ve only heard a snippet of.  “Cold As You,” which Luke has played before and the newly-released “Without You” round out the remaining bonus tracks.

And if you liked this one, Luke will be previewing each of the new songs every Monday until the record drops.

Luke’s upcoming deluxe album, What You See Ain’t Always What You Get, is set to drop on October 23rd.

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