Redneck Tree Removal Sends Stump Flying Through Driver’s Rear Windshield

Nothing like some good old fashioned redneck tree removal.

You want to get rid of a tree, you cut it down. You want to get rid of that old stump, you dig it out or use some Epsom salt to kill it. Or, like any good redneck would do, get a rope and a truck and try and rip it out.

Is it easy? Yep. Is it quick? Yep. Is it safe? Absolutely not.

As a lazy high school kid, I’ve yanked out my fair share of stumps this way and I’ll tell you what, when you’re on a 4-wheeler, there’s nothing stopping that stump from taking your head clean off.

Lucky for this guy, it seems like his rear window was the only real casualty here.

Well, and the stump…


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