Two McDonald’s Employees Get Engaged At Work, Proves There’s Still Hope for 2020 After All

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Just when you thought that nothing good could possibly come out of this shitshow of a year, two young lovebirds prove that all is not lost.

And they do it from the unlikeliest of places: Behind the counter of a McDonald’s.

The Tik Tok, posted by user @liltransboykai, shows our hero Willow down on one knee proposing to his coworker Akira. He even went all out with the rose petals in the shape of a heart on the floor. And of course, Akira happily said yes.

It’s gotta be tough getting engaged at work in 2020 when everybody has to wear a mask and you can’t even see the look on the other person’s face as you propose. But that didn’t matter to this happy couple. And neither did the coworker standing in the back, who’s such a dedicated McDonald’s employee that she didn’t even glance at the proposal as she was waiting on the food to come out for the next order. Talk about a focus on customer service.

I don’t know whether it was the lighter hanging off of her belt, or the way she looks in that McDonald’s visor, or just the smell of the best fast food fries in the game that convinced Willow that this was the perfect time for him to pop the question. But I’m glad he did, and we now have one more couple whose 2020 isn’t going to be completely fucked.

So for that, and for giving us all a little hope for this year, I just want to say: Thank you, Willow and Akira. Go get yourself a treat (but not a McFlurry because the ice cream machine is always fucking broken) and enjoy your engagement.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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