New Hampshire Man Gets Smacked In The Face With A Falling Squirrel Driving Down The Road

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You know it’s been a rough year when you literally get punched in the face just for driving down the road.

And no, I’m not talking about one of the many incidents where protesters and drivers have clashed in major cities, I’m talking about a guy literally getting smacked in the face with the body a falling squirrel while driving… and having no idea what happened.

Because for New Hampshire resident Michael Cammarata, that’s exactly what happened.

Imagine rolling down your window, and getting punched in the face and not having any idea why until way later…

“Only in 2020. Driving home with Ava last night, half a mile from the house, and she was saying how she loves the smell of low tide. I rolled down my window and as soon as I did it felt like it got punched in the eye… hard. After dropping quite a few F-Bombs (sorry Ava), I managed to pull the car over without crashing. Completely confused at what happened (no evidence of anything other than a throbbing face) we drove home. As soon as I opened my door, I found this squirrel… dead. Must have fallen out of the tree at exactly the wrong time… and I killed him with my face at 40 mph. This black eye is only 10 hours old…going to be a good one…damn you 2020.”

Damn you 2020 indeed…

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