Chris Stapleton’s New “Cold” Is Unlike Anything You’ve Heard From Him Before

At this point, no matter what Chris does… it’s gold.

That being said, “Cold” comes off as a bit of a surprise. It sounds like the kinda song that would be in a James Bond movie.

With a piano intro and a full blown string ensemble carrying a majority of the music, it’s not quite what you’ve come to expect from Chris. Of course, the dude can sing his ass off and that bluesy guitar solo comes in towards the end… just enough to be reminiscent of the Chris Stapleton we’re all used to.

Can I say I’m disappointed? Yeah a little bit. But is this still better music than most of what you’re gonna get on country radio? You’re damn right.

Starting Over, Chris’ 4th studio album, hits shelves on November 13th.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock