Zach Bryan Covers John Moreland’s “You Don’t Care For Me Enough To Cry”

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Cover series? LET’S GO.

Zach Bryan will be releasing some covers in the next few weeks, and as much as Zach has built a reputation for himself on his own songwriting, it’s always cool to hear an artist you admire interpret a song by someone they admire.

And according to Zach, he’s going to do 10 of them.

“Doing covers for a few weeks on my second YouTube. Took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that it’s okay to sing someone else’s words, as long as at some point you’ve felt em’ too.

Writing for an album awhile down the road. Hope y’all are keeping steady. Been a hard year for everyone. Nothing Moreland can’t cure though, yeah?”

And kicking things off, a little bit of John Moreland’s ” You Don’t Care For Me Enough To Cry.”

“Cover one of ten down with my lady. It’s always a good time to belt the best songwriter to ever come out of Tulsa.”

The original:

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