Cowboys Fans Start Throwing Chairs & Haymakers In Chaotic Barroom Brawl

A group of people in a room

Football is BACK baby.

The Chicago Bears a 2-0, the Falcons just dropped another astonishing lead, and Cowboys fans are chuckin’ knucks at the bar…. my God, what a time to be alive.

According to the comments, this gem comes to us from the Sunset Crab Shack in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas. We have no idea idea prompted the fight or when it started, but I imagine right around halftime when the Cowboys went down 29-10 emotions started running hot.

Down nearly twenty at halftime, you start drinking a little too much because fuck it, it’s gonna be another one of those years and all the sudden one guy bumps into another and all bets are off.

Chairs start flying, drinks start flying, even the ladies are throwing haymakers…. just one helluva scene.

Then again, these football fans ain’t got nothing on these “football” fans.

We want to see it rain tables and chairs? Look no further…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock