Riley Green Strips It Down For Acoustic Performance Of “Behind The Times”

Man, what a song.

Riley’s new If It Wasn’t For Trucks EP is an absolute grand slam, every song better than the last. And as much as I love the new single, and “Jesus & Wranglers,” this one might be my favorite.

Titled “Behind The Times,” the song is a toast to simpler times, and the wisdom you can still learn from it. Much like his hit single “I Wish Grandpas Never Died,” you can trace the inspiration  of this one back to his granddaddies.

In an interview with Billboard, Riley explained the new song:

“‘Behind the Times’ is a song about an era when I think people learned from a different generation. I grew up learning from my grandaddies and some of the values they had — although [they] maybe aren’t as relevant today — I think are still pretty important, and I don’t think you see that as much anymore. I don’t think people go and talk to somebody that’s been on this earth for 80 years. I think now they go Google how to do something, or YouTube it. So, the song is definitely about a generation that lived in a simpler time and how they valued things.”

Coming to you live from the Golden Saw Music Hall in his hometown of Jacksonville, Alabama, here’s one of the best songs you’ll hear all year.

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