Gucci Is Selling Denim Overalls With “Grass” Stains For $1,400, An Insult To Farmers Everywhere

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F*ck me sideways.

Stupid people, with stupid money, buying stupid things.

Let me preface this by saying this is not a joke – these denim overalls with “grass” stains are actually being sold by Gucci for $1,400. Read that again…$1,400 for these…

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If you’re smashing your head against a wall, you’re not alone.

My car in high school didn’t even cost $1,400.

Overalls from Carhartt will range from about $60-120, but hey WTF do I know.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

This is how people in my high school in Indiana dressed growing up – overalls that didn’t fit, weren’t washed, and some random hand-me-down pair of dress shoes that shouldn’t be worn with anything other than slacks.

Here is Gucci‘s product description:

“Channeling the Fall Winter 2020 Men’s collection’s grunge vibe, this denim overall is crafted from organic cotton and specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect. Gucci explores new takes on the cult fabric, reinterpreting it with different designs and washing techniques that blur the line between vintage and contemporary. All organic cotton leftovers from the cutting process for this product are then upcycled into new materials under the “Gucci Up” program. Pieces with versatile ways to wear and style embrace each person who is part of the House’s individual spirit.”

Grunge vibe? This is an insult to farmers everywhere. Blasphemy!

Get it out of my face. GET THIS SHIT OUT OF MY FACE.

You know what song this makes me think of?

Hit it George.

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