Ashley McBryde Announces Hard Charging Murder Ballad “Martha Divine” As Next Single


We recently made a plea for more murder ballads in country music, and it appears as though Ashley McBryde is going to rise to the occasion.

If you remember back the release of Ashley McBryde’s stellar Never Will record, you inevitably remember than she kicked things off with a 3-part music video saga chronicling the capture of her father’s mistress.

In “One Night Standards” we saw Ashley help a woman stash the body of her cheating husband’s mistress in the trunk, in “Martha Divine” we learned that the cheating man was in fact her father, and in “Hang In There Girl” we learned the fate of said mistress.

It was a great video series, a great way to kick off an album launch, and after the success of “One Night Standards” Ashley is going to follow it up with “Martha Divine” as her next single.

And I’m not sure if there was a better pick.

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