Water Skiing 6-Month-Old Becomes Internet Famous After World Record, Some Want Child Services Called

photo via @richcaseyhumpherys/Instagram

Meet the newly internet famous six-month-old, Rich Casey Humpherys.

Rich just set the world record (apparently) by six days for youngest water skiing baby, beating out Auburn Absher from 2016. If you just learned there is a record for that feat, that makes two of us…

On his Instagram ran by his parents (what a wold we live in), they captioned the “record-setting” moment:

“I went water skiing for my 6 month birthday. Apparently that’s a big deal… #worldrecord”

The video was taken at Lake Powell in Utah.

However, after reading through the comments, many aren’t on board with this.

“That child is not standing, this is abuse. If that child fell and was injured you would have went to jail. Monetizing a 6 month old is pretty disgusting in any form,” one comment read.

“Need to @ social services on this one. Poor kid,” another read.

What are your thoughts – cool, or gross exploitation of a toddler to try and get famous?

…here’s something we can all agree on. HIT IT ALAN.

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