Shia LaBeouf Goes FULL Spicoli In Celebrity-Packed ‘Fast Time At Ridgemont High’ Table Read

Shia LaBeouf with the mouth open

THIS is what Hollywood superstars should be doing.

The hell with these corny “Imagine” PSAs, awards show grandstanding and all the other bullshit Hollywood tries to sell us… if you really want to do some good, just do what you what you do best. Entertain.

Last night, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, Matthew McConaughey, Shia Labeouf, Julia Roberts, and more, along with Jeff Spicoli himself, Mr. Sean Penn, got together to do a table read of the 1982 cult classic Fast Times At Ridgemont High in an effort to raise money for Penn’s CORE non-profit. The event was hosted by Dane Cook and raised $50,000 for CORE, which originally started in 2010 to aid in hurricane relief efforts in Haiti, however now works to aid with COVID-19 testing.

Great actors, a great cause, a great movie… this is the kind of Zoom meeting you actually want to watch, and while everybody loved to see Brad and Jennifer running lines together again, it was Shia LaBeouf that stole the show.

For the most part, everybody just kind of read their lines from the script, and the great Morgan Freeman handled the narration, but Shia, playing the hilarious Jeff Spicoli, went HARD. You want to talk about embracing the spirit of the role? THAT’S how it’s done.


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