Fight Breaks Out At Browns/Bengals Game, Dude Doesn’t Spill A Drop Of His Beer

A group of people in uniform

Say what you will about the product they put on the field, but the Browns fans are as loyal as they come.

I mean, how can you be that awful, for that many years, and still have fans showing up like that? As a Cubs fan that waited a 100 years for a ring, I find it truly amazing.

And even in a pandemic, with limited capacity, Browns and Bengals fans still found a way to knuckle up in the stands. And while that’s pretty much par for the course, minimum attendance be damned, I gotta give it up for the real MVP of this scene…. the dude holding the beer.

I mean, he doesn’t spill a DROP and still manages to get a hand in there and pull some dude out of the mess. Punches flying, security guards dragging folks away, and NOT. A. DROP.

And at $42 a beer (probably), who can really afford to waste any?

Football is BACK.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock