Zach Bryan Reveals Upcoming Project Recorded At RCA Studio A

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Back in May, Zach dropped his second album Elisabethrecorded alongside some of his best friends in his makeshift home studio. Which was awesome, but it also left fans wondering when that Dave Cobb-produced record was going to be released.

Zach quickly cautioned that he had more on the way, an EP coming out this Fall while he was on deployment.

And now, here we are.

And if you’re not familiar, RCA Studio A is where Dave Cobb makes the magic happen. So, I’m not saying that Dave Cobb produced this, but that’s kinda exactly what I’m saying. Stay tuned for more confirmed details, but we could be looking at our first professionally produced Zach Bryan record music people.

Get excited.

Here’s the acoustic version of the title track.

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A beer bottle on a dock