Matthew McConaughey Just Posted The Most McConaughey Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Matthew McConaughey sitting in a chair with a bottle of wine in the hand

I love bourbon.

I love McConaughey.

What happens when he takes his bottle of Longbranch to a field somewhere in Kentucky or Texas?

The most McConaughey thing I’ve ever seen.

“So what if oak and mesquite were throwing a party at the lake house this weekend? (giggle) I’d go. (BIG giggle)”

What did I just watch? I love it.

Wild Turkey describes Longbranch as an “8 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon made in small batches and refined with Texas Mesquite and American Oak charcoals. This unique process results in an extraordinarily balanced and smooth sipping whiskey with subtle hints of smoky sweetness.”

My favorite comment on his Instagram post reads:

“Every time he does a commercial, every director is just like ‘F*** it*, let him do what he wants for 2 minutes'”

I think I’ve watched this video 20 times.

Hey Matthew, when you want a couple of fellas to drink a couple three bottles of that stuff with you, take some edibles, talk country music – give us a holler.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock