Texas Karen Goes Nuts, Spits On Counter When She Can’t Buy Miller Lite Without A Mask

A woman standing in front of a store with a man in the background


Where ya been!?

Somehow I missed this one a little while back, but it was making the rounds again so here we go.

A Texas Karen went viral for throwing a tantrum after she was told “no mask, no beer” at a gas station or convenience store. SHE really needed those Diet Millers it appears. The store clerk keeps his cool, saying they can’t serve customers if they’re not wearing a mask. Simple enough, for most folks.

(Yes, the store clerk is wearing his mask incorrectly behind the divider)

“Karen” really loses it when the guy suggests she buys a mask from them…hahaha, that subtle passive aggressive comment was the spark she needed.

Now she’s angry.

It gets worse, of course.

She comes back to spit on the counter.

C’mon, people.

Until next time, Karen.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock