Police Use Infrared-Equipped Chopper To Bust Three Guys For… Drinking Beer On A Rooftop?

Ummmmm, I know we’re trying to enforce social distancing mandates but doesn’t this seem a bit overboard?

According to the New York Post, police used a helicopter, equipped with infrared technology to bust three guys having a beer on a rooftop. Yes, you  heard that correctly… THREE guys having a couple beers on a roof.

Just listen to this guy on the loudspeaker:

“To the three people sitting on the rooftop, yes we can see you with the hoodie in the middle and the cold drinks. The building is surrounded by police, we need you to return to the ground floor. Return to the bottom immediately please.”


This took place in Australia where apparently no real crime happens, but my God you’d think they would’ve has Osama Bin Laden pinned down on that rooftop the way they bought in the SWAT team and the K-9 Unit like that.

Apparently each of the men on the board were also fined over $1,000 bucks for violating social distancing mandates. According to some of the comments, the men were actually working late on the construction of the building and stuck around to have a cold beer after a long day, but hey, I guess that’s a crime these days.

Then again, maybe that’s why Australia is handling this whole Coronavirus thing pretty well for the most part.

Meanwhile, here’s the scene at Florida State this past weekend…

We’re doomed…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock