Ray Wylie Hubbard Invites A Young Tyler Childers To Perform “Whitehouse Road” Way Back In 2013

Just a young kid from Kentucky, trying to chase a dream.

Way back in 2013, there was man named Ray Wylie Hubbard (maybe you’ve heard of him) playing a gig at a place called Willie’s Locally Known in Lexington, Kentucky.

Ray Wylie was doing his thing, but at some point during the middle of his set, Ray Wylie invited some red-haired local kid up to play a song. It was a little head-turner called “Whitehouse Road.”

And while Ray Wylie’s drummer seemed to be pretty unfamiliar with the song, it seems like Tyler still left quite and impact. Of course, it’s impossible to know exactly how his performance was received unless you were there 7 years ago, but one of the comments I was able to dig up pretty much tells you all you need to know.

“Ray Wylie Hubbard was amazing, who was the young Tyler guy that played one song?”

And another said after the fact:

“How come this guy isn’t a star! Smokes 90% of mainstream music.”

That young Tyler guy smokin’ 90% of mainstream music was Tyler Childers… and these days, he’s smokin’ 100% of mainstream music.

Pretty damn cool, eh?

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