Get Pumped For NFL Sunday With This Cody Johnson “Welcome To The Show” Hype Video

Who heard it?

For money, nothing tops Sunday morning, Week 1 of NFL football.

Hot coffee on, beer on ice just waiting for the clock to strike noon and that first top to pop, breakfast going down in the kitchen, gamblers are tinkering with their picks, their lineups, pregame on the television… it’s a beautiful thing.

And while college football hype videos are plentiful, it’s actually pretty tough to find a good NFL pump up video.

I was thinking some Eric Church, some Whiskey Myers, some Cody Jinks… but for Texans fans, we got a Cody Johnson’s “Welcome To The Show.”

Sure, it’s technically a rodeo song, but hell if it doesn’t get me pumped up for some NFL football. And I’m not even a Texans fan.


And here’s a Blake Shelton “God’s Country” hype video for Chiefs fans.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock