Florida Georgia Line’s New Song Includes “Long Legs” and “Cutoffs” and “Pickup Trucks” and “Dixie Cups” and “Dirt Roads”

Are they trolling?

No, really. This can’t be.

It’s almost 2021 (what a fuckin’ year, huh), and Florida Georgia Line just released a new song with the buzzwords and phrases we all thought were hopefully a thing of the dirty past of “bro country.”

The new release is called “Long Live” and touches all the bases of an era of country music that makes most people want to stab themselves in the ear with a meat thermometer.

Long legs? Check.

Cut offs? Check.

Dirt roads? Check.

Dixie cups? Check.

Of course, they bring up Merle and Hank as a feeble attempt to balance the bullshit, but it ain’t working.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley co-wrote “Long Live” with Corey Crowder, David Garcia, and Josh Miller.

“This one is for the nights you never want to end. It’s a celebration of all the good times with great friends and cold drinks,” Hubbard and Kelley said.

“We had a lot of fun reminiscing when writing, and hope it takes our fans back too! Kick back with your loved ones, turn it up, and relive some of your glory days while making new memories. Long live!”

OK, take the lyrics out of the equation and just listen to it – it’s not as nearly bad as stuff like “Swerve” but…

HARD PASS. I thought this shit was over…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock