Hillbilly Karen Goes Ballistic In Taco Bell: “I’m Charlie F*cking Manson’s Daughter”

Look, I know they got rid of the Mexican Pizza, and I’m just as pissed as everybody else is, but that’s no way to act at a Taco Bell.

According to the New York Post, Taco Bell Karen hails from the great state of Missouri, and might just be Charlie Manson’s daughter.

Wait, what?

We don’t really know what set this woman off at her local Taco Bell other than the fact that she is just a nasty, terrible, racist, human being, but she seems to have an issues with the price of her order. Three burrito supremes and two tacos, goes for about $15 at this Taco Bell and Karen isn’t having it.

But aside from hurling racist slurs, threatening to fight the entire staff, smashing the safety barriers and other store property, Karen came flying from the rafters with her closing threat.

“You’re going down you punk bitch… you fucked with the wrong mother fucker. I’m Charlie fucking Manson’s daughter.”

To which the Taco Bell employee replied:

“That explains a lot.”


Of course, Charles Manson was the lunatic cult leader responsible for killing pregnant actress Sharon Tate, along with many others in 1969. Although, there is no evidence of him ever having a daughter. But then again, calling him Charlie sounds like you guys are pretty tight so maybe it’s time to quit your job at Taco Bell, I don’t know…

All in all, you gotta hand it to the team here who all kept their cool, and even landed one hell of a zinger throughout the whole ordeal.

Slinging burritos at Taco Bell is not for the faint of heart…


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