Fireball Launches Cinnamon-Flavored “Holiday Nog”

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Yep, nog season is already upon us…

Summer came and went, I’m officially back to wearing sweatpants in the office today, and we’re already looking forward what kind of boozy seasonal shenanigans we can get into this fall. Pumpkin spice shit is everywhere, new hoodies are in the Whiskey Riff Shop, Oktoberfest beers are already on shelves and Fireball is dropping a new egg nog concoction.

You head that correctly folks, the good people at Fireball Whisky, those same people who are responsible for more than their fair share of my hangovers throughout college are gearing up to launch a new cinnamon flavored egg nog affectionately titled, Holiday Nog.

Only one problem…


Yeah, seriously…

I suppose you’re they want you to add a shot or two, or maybe even three of their Fireball Whisky in order to get that Christmas buzz going, but why not just go all the way and put it in there for me? You’re the experts, you know the perfect Fireball to nog ratios, not me.

According to Best Products, Fireball Holiday Nog will be available exclusively at Walmart, and should start hitting shelves by the end of September. A carton will run you about $2.98.

However, for those of you looking for the Firenog recipe that they were too lazy to mix up for you even though they were already boxing it up in a carton, here ya go:


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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock