Eric Church And Hank Williams Jr. Once Teamed Up For Neil Young’s “Are You Ready For The Country”

A group of men playing guitars

Remember this one?

I stumbled across this old gem today, a country collaboration from all the way back in 2015.

“Are You Ready For The Country” was the lead single from Hank Jr.’s 2016 album It’s About Time, although the song was released in the fall of the previous year.

However, it was originally written and recorded by Neil Young for his 1972 album, Harvest, and then went on to be recorded by Waylon Jennings in 1976, although Jennings changed some of the words in the chorus. It was a top 10 song for Jennings on the country charts.

“Are you ready for the country / Are you ready for me?
Are you ready for the country / Ain’t I a sight to see?
Are you ready for the country / Better get ready for me.”

Naturally, Bocephus and the Chief opted to lean more on Waylon Jennings for their version.