People Are Boycotting Hobby Lobby Over “Vote Trump” Letter Rearrangement At Store Display

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Where to start with this one…

Oh yeah, it’s 2020.

Maybe you hate Trump, maybe you love Trump. That’s not what this is about. This is about how easy is it to cause mass outrage, especially on Twitter, over something so easily setup and planned to go viral…

Let’s say a customer in a Hobby Lobby wanted to share something on Twitter that would catch fire given the political climate.

In a few short seconds, they rearrange a cheap letter display to read:


Throw that image up on Twitter, and we have Hobby Lobby trending atop of Twitter today.

It’s really that easy. Here was the tweet.

Now, we have no idea if this Twitter user took the pic only, rearranged the display for the photo, happened to walk right by after someone else did it, etc..

What we do know is that we don’t know who created that display, and it’s probably unlikely the pictured Hobby Lobby had a creative idea to jazz things up in the sale section.

I doubt the store manager said “you know what, let’s get the good feng shui going and do something right over there.”

This tweet used some logic.

However, there’s a ton like this as well.

Cancel Hobby Lobby because the store is depressing AF (at least to me it is), but use your brain when you see a photo like this. I once saw a kid doing this at an Indiana Walmart, rearranging the letters to say “DICK BALLS.”

And 2020 continues…

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