Johnny Cash’s Impersonation Of Elvis In 1959 Is Must-See TV

Let’s take a trip back in time a few years…

A few years as in all the way back to 1959, when Johnny Cash (born in 1932) was opening for Elvis. Not too shabby of a lineup, huh.

Cash talked about the first time he met Elvis

“The first time I saw Elvis, singing from a flatbed truck at a Katz drugstore opening on Lamar Avenue, two or three hundred people, mostly teenage girls, had come out to see him. With just one single to his credit, he sang those two songs over and over. That’s the first time I met him.”

Johnny always praised Elvis’ charisma and talent through the years (side note: that Million Dollar Quartet play is awesome if you ever get the chance to see it), even flattering him with his own impersonation in ’59 as his opening act for the US tour.

Brilliant, and spot on.

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