Jeep Hits Moose At High Speed In Colorado Mountains, Sends It Flying Into The Air


A few years back, a group of backpackers pulled off to the side of the road near Eagles Nest Wilderness, Colorado, to watch some moose running along the highway. And while the sight of pulled over cars might give most of us a reason to pause, this Jeep didn’t think twice and kept on driving… right into a high speed collision with one of the aforementioned moose.

I’m not quite sure how this Colorado driver didn’t see the moose down in the ditch, but they didn’t, and they SMOKED it.

However, as brutal as the collision looked, the moose might’ve been able to shake it off. According to local Parks & Rec, they tracked the moose for quite and while and it appeared to have walked away.

“The car windshield was shattered and nearly broke through. The people in the car said they were OK. The moose left a skid mark of hair on the road and limped off slowly into the bushes. Parks and Rec said they followed the moose tracks a ways and it seemed to have walked off, so it might have made it! It was upsetting to watch.”

Head on a swivel people, head on a swivel…

Now… watch this and prepare to laugh your ass off.

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