Two Carpenters Casually Knuckle Up In Bizarre Job Site Fist Fight

Weirdest fight of all time?

Not really sure what’s going on here but it look like a couple construction workers decided to knuckle up and go at it on the job site. Why? Who knows…

But the strange thing is that it’s almost as if they’re laughing about the whole thing. I mean, is this just what they do during lunch? Make no mistake, they’re throwing some hard-ass punches, but this definitely seems like the least serious, but still pretty damn serious, fight of all time.

But then the surprise ending…


Handshake, shows the black eye to the camera after getting his clock cleaned, and then give the guy another love tap on the back for good measure.

Have you ever seen somebody so happy about getting their ass kicked?

Kind of reminds me of these guys…

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Idaho hospitality at its finest 🤝

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock