Morgan Wallen Drops “Heartless (Wallen Album Mix)” & It’s Way Better Than The Original

Where the hell has this been hiding?

With the release of “7 Summers,” news about the the possibility of a double album, his upcoming ACM Awards performance, tying Chris Gaines for chart records, and more, it seems like Morgan quietly dropped this new version of “Heartless” and it took fans by surprise. I mean, I didn’t even hear about it until a few days later.

The original crossover collaboration between Morgan and Diplo was admittedly “too poppy” for my tastes, but this new version, titled the “Wallen Album Mix,” ditches all the claps and snaps in favor of real drums. The new studio video also gives a behind the scenes look at the production and we’re seeing banjos, slide guitar, mandolin… the production choices are just WAY better in this mix.

Granted, “Heartless” was always supposed to be a pop crossover song, but this just shows you how much production can really make or break a song, depending on your preferences. I like country music, the more country the better, and an overly-produced drum track can really kill what might be an otherwise pretty good song for me.

Either way, it sounds like “Heartless” is going to be on the new album, and this is the version we’re gonna get.

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