KFC Delivery Driver Soaked With Hose Because P.O.S. Customer Said He Was Late

This makes my blood boil.

A delivery driver was recently sprayed with a hose by a scumbag customer who accused him of being too late with the order. While complaining that his chicken was cold, he doused the driver with a garden hose, completely soaking him.

And while this guy was busy being the biggest asshole on planet Earth, the delivery driver was more than apologetic throughout the entire ordeal. A little too apologetic if you ask me, but I’m sure he can’t afford to lose this job by cold-cocking this assclown.

And then on top of it all, this piece of shit has the nerve to upload the video to his social media like it’s cool or something. Like dude, you ordered KFC for delivery, where do get off treating someone like that? It’s fucking KFC! Pop in the microwave for 20 seconds and it’s good as new.

I get it, nobody wants their food to arrive late or cold, but rather than filing a complaint with the company, getting a refund, or the order remade, you opted to completely humiliate another person? You’re a coward.

You can always tell when somebody has never had their ass kicked and by the looks of things, this guy has one coming to him. He also definitely chose the right guy to do this to… anybody else would’ve knocked him out.

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