Koe Wetzel: “I’m Ready To Drop This New Record On Y’alls F*ckin’ Heads… It’s Mean”

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Koe Wetzel/Instagram




Fresh off a new record deal, Koe has spent most of his quarantine completely killing the Twitter game and working hard in the studio to crank out his upcoming album. And now, it sounds like it’s finally ready to go.

When Koe stopped by our Whiskey Riff Raff podcast, he told us that he was kicking around a few names for the record including Does This Sound Like George Jones To You?, My Music’s Fucking Shit, Throw Me In A Garbage Can, and the leading contender, Pop Country Trash.

And while we don’t have a tracklist or release date yet, we have gotten a preview of what’s to come with “Kuntry & Wistern,” and the more recent release, “Sundy Or Mundy.” 

Hold on to your asses people, it’s coming SOON.

Here’s the podcast video – (we had a bunch of connection issues with Koe driving through Oklahoma, but we’ll do another one soon)

Koe also mentioned on the podcast that when he turns 30, he’ll record a real deal country record.

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