NFL Guard Brandon Scherff On His Offseason: “Lot Of Turkey Hunting, Lot Of Fishing & Busch Light Only On Saturdays”

Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

I could be friends with this guy.

At a recent media roundtable with Washington Football Team (seriously guys, figure out a name already) guard Brandon Scherff, sports reporters were throwing out questions about everything from his health, his contract and delicious taste of ice cold Busch Light.

In fact, when asked about the last remaining year on the contract, Brandon said he wasn’t concerned about it at all. What he was concerned about? Getting healthier in the offseason and being the best football player he can be.

So how’d he get the mind and body right during the quarantine? Like any good ol’ Iowa boy would:

“I did a lot of turkey hunting, I did a lot of fishing… Busch Light was only on Saturdays, so I held off on that. And they have Busch Light Apple now, so I think fruit’s good for you, right?”

And how’s the Apple?

“It’s pretty good but Busch regular is the go-to right now.”

Reminds you a bit of fellow NFL’er Andy Janovich. The fullback and Nebraska native who said he only spends his game checks on “Busch Light, chew and hunting gear.”

Gotta love those heartland guys though… you know, those corn fed boys out in Iowa and Nebraska that just want to play football, drink a cold Busch Light and maybe wet a line every now and then. They’re my kinda people.

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A beer bottle on a dock