Cody Johnson Shares Throwback Photo From ‘Six Strings One Dream’ Record Released 11 Years Ago Today

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If you were rockin’ out to Cody Johnson back in 2009, then congrats, you’re one of the real ones.

Although CoJo received a CMA New Artist of the Year nomination last year after signing his deal with a major label, make no mistake, he’s been doing this for a LONG time. Admittedly, I probably got turned on to CoJo around 2013 or 2014, but his catalog goes all the way back to his Black & White Label album in 2006.

Today, Cody shared this throwback pic from his his 2009 Six Strings One Dream album that was released 11 years ago today.

“‘Six strings, one dream, and nobody to blame but me.’ But, I have all of you to thank! It’s 11 years today since it released! Anybody still jammin’ this one?”

Flash forward to today and Cody has played for crowds of over 70,000 at Houston’s NRG Stadium. If that doesn’t convince to keep chasing those dreams, nothing will.

Straight outta 2009.

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