Jessie James Decker Says “I Hate Working Out” But Here’s How I Do It

Jessie James Decker in a garment

I’m trying to work out this quarantine bod after too much ice cream.


I wish I hated working out and still looked like this.

An Instagram post by Jessie James Decker was liked by a whopping 200,000+ people after she shared some workout tips and got honest about her fitness.

“Gonna be honest… I hate working out. I dread it.

I’m one of those girls that watches the clock and counts down to the last second when I can be done. I wish I enjoyed it. I wish I was a big workout junkie but the truth is I just don’t! With that being said…I do know that in order to achieve The strong body that I want to have and maintain I MUST put the hard work into it.

Everyone asks me all the time what kind of work out I do and what I eat. As far as work outs I’ll be real, I hate running so I don’t do much of that. I do enjoy lifting weights and quick circuit training. I love the stairmaster, I love nice long walks (lunges are key, I do 100 at a time). I work out a few times a week and usually no more than 40 minutes time.

But the biggest factor is watching what I EAT and making sure whatever I’m putting in my body is going to make me feel strong and energized.

I’m really excited to share that in my cookbook @justfeedme I have an ENTIRE chapter on what I eat in a day and recipes to share with you on what it is I eat on a daily basis to maintain.

It’s high protein low carbs and these recipes are absolutely delicious that you won’t even feel like you’re watching your fitness!!! I’m really proud of this chapter in particular because it’s something you all been asking me to share for a long time and I finally got to put it all in one spot!”


“Got somethin cookin”


Singer Meghan Patrick said it best with this response:

“I would LOVE to have your bod period, let alone after 3 kids 😍 def getting this cookbook!”

Time for me to hit the gym.

Speaking of Meghan, if you never saw her body bag this creep during a live show, WATCH IT NOW.

“This Isn’t A Strip Club, Get The F*ck Out” – Meghan Patrick To Scumbag Yelling “Show Me Your T*ts” From The Crowd

“This Isn’t A Strip Club, Get The F*ck Out” – Meghan Patrick To Scumbag Yelling “Show Me Your T*ts” From The Crowd

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