Sam Hunt Shares Bizarre Auto-Tuned Pop Cover Of Garth Brooks’ “What She’s Doing Now” & The Comments Are Brutal

Garth Brooks, Sam Hunt are posing for a picture

This is… interesting.

Sam stays pretty quiet on social media, and even when he has new music on the way, he always find a way to keep it pretty mysterious throughout. Lately he’s been sharing a bit more of his personal life, another element of his career that stays pretty quiet, but this afternoon, he came out of left field with a Garth Brooks cover.

An auto-tuned, straight up pop, pretty damn bizarre version of Garth’s “What She’s Doing Now.”

The third single from Garth’s 1991 Ropin’ In The Wind record, “What She’s Doing Now” went on to become a a big hit for Garth.

Although, I don’t think we’ve ever heard it quite like this…

Yeah, it’s pretty fucking weird…

And the comments let him know that.

“This gonna be the track that finally convinced everyone you’re not a country artist.”

“The auto tune. Whew too much. If I wanted to listen to Travis Scott, I would, not a knockoff.”

“You’re joking.”

“Nah man you don’t need no auto tune, who told you to do this?”

“Need More acoustic, get back to the basics.”

“I’m sorry Sam but Garth Brooks! No please find some more cover songs to do.”

“Sammy you good? “Who hurt you.”

“This is so trash.”

Of course there were plenty of fans calling it “FIRE” and singing its praises as well, but they’re also the same fans that never even heard of Garth Brooks, so… it is what it is.

And after that talk about diggin’ on Sturgill Simpson a few years back, we thought Sam might turn the corner towards more traditional country music… clearly it’s been the opposite.

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