Chris Stapleton Previews New Album With Rockin’ Live Performance Of “Arkansas,” Joined By Brothers Osborne

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Is it November 13th yet?

Chris Stapleton rattled the country world with the announcement of his 4th studio album this past Thursday, and after a quick look through the tracklist, we’ll find the title track “Starting Over,” the longtime fan favorite “You Should Probably Leave,” the gut-wrenching “Maggie’s Song,” and this one titled “Arkansas.”

(The album also features three covers: two Guy Clark songs and one by John Fogerty).

Chris performed it live during the tour this past fall, and he was joined by the extremely talented Brothers Osborne.

“It wasn’t that long ago that I had a birthday, and I happen to like fast cars, somebody here might like fast cars, I don’t know… So my wife bought me a fast car, but the fast car was in Oklahoma City, so me and JT back there on the bass got dropped off in Oklahoma City and we drove like a bat out of hell through the Ozark Mountains all the way to Nashville, Tennessee, and that’s what this song is all about.”

Waiting on this record, and a few others, is pretty much the only thing getting me through 2020 right now.


I think I’ve listened to this one 10,000 times this week…

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