62-Year-Old Construction Worker Knocked Out Cold After Slapping Younger Coworker

Well, that didn’t work out.

This video is only 36 seconds, but you know exactly where it’s heading right from the get-go.

Angry older dude, 62, clearly pissed off at his younger coworker. He slaps him a couple times, before ending up asleep in someone’s front yard. Not the way to spend your shift.

“I’m sixty fuckin’ two years old!”

Yes, sir. Yes you are. That’s why you shouldn’t be fighting people half your age in a front yard…DAMN IT DAD.

“Fuckin’ jerk off!”

This is when the younger dude knows he has this one in the bag. Stands there confidently with his hands behind his back, and takes a vicious slap to the cheek, barely budging.

Aaaaaaaand lights out for pops. Should the kid have just walked away? Definitely. But, dad looked ready to throw down, and was throwing those hands like a Russian slap contest.

Wish we had more of a backstory here…


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock