Billy Strings Laments The Destruction Of Society In New Train-Hoppin’ “Watch It Fall” Video

If there’s a better time to release this music video, I don’t know when that is…

Directed by INDECLINE, the new video features a group of train-hopping artists illustrating the lyrics on trains as they travel across the country.

And if you flip on the news for half a minute, it’s not hard to understand why this song is so incredibly relevant right now. While “Watch It Fall” sheds a light on issues like the corporate greed of Wall Street, climate change, and more, the first verse pretty much sums it all up.

“Well it’s not so easy now, though it never was back then
We still can’t seem to work this out, but you can still pretend
And these tattered walls and burning bridges, quickly start to fall
How long until there’s nothing left at all?”


And Billy wrote this song for his 2019 album Home. Just imagine how heavy it would be if he wrote it today, after the kind of year we had this year…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock